it's future rust

and it's future dust
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K: What do you hear?
L: The key. The key to break the code.

I must be as strong as my lady mother.

#igivehope #UNODC #BlueHeartCampaign #AgainstHumanTrafficking

#igivehope #UNODC #BlueHeartCampaign #AgainstHumanTrafficking

Are you sure? Now, this is not gonna be pretty. We’re talking violence, strong language, adult content…

It was like being with a friend.

“No,” said Luna, observing him with those oddly misty, protuberant eyes. “I don’t suppose you do. That man the Death Eaters killed was your godfather, wasn’t he? Ginny told me.” Harry nodded curtly, but found that for some reason he did not mind Luna talking about Sirius. He had just remembered that she, too, could see Thestrals.


we have all read fanfiction that we shouldn’t have

Buffy Summers + being a precious lil dummy