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Fox News spent a segment mocking and laughing at Illinois State University’s decision to accommodate LGBT students with all-gender restroom signs, stating, “we’re all a little confused by it.”

Turns out, a lot of people don’t share Fox’s bewilderment. 

The following day, host Steve Doocy conducted man-on-the-street interviews with the sign, asking random “Fox fans” what they thought it meant. 

Much to Fox’s dismay, not a single fan (including a young boy) responded to the question with the confusion and outrage that Fox expected. 

Watch the full interview — it’s pretty great. 

"We have spent more time with each other than any other human on the planet over the last 10 years. He’s a brother on and off screen." - Jensen Ackles
"We have spent more time with each other than any other human on the planet over the last 10 years. He’s a brother on and off screen." - Jensen Ackles
Anonymous whispered:I'm pretty sure most people just hate Sookie because she whines and she's sefish an she NEVER learns from her mistakes. I don't care who/what she fucks.

Then that’s absolutely fucking fine. But the majority I’ve seen (lets get personal for a moment) seem to dislike Sookie because a lot of people who own a cock are attracted to her. How shitty is that? 

You know I’ve read every True Blood book and I’ve watched every True Blood episode and the one thing that keeps slapping me in the face is that women hate Sookie. For absolutely shitty reasons. Like the fact men find her attractive (not including her fairy power). So the fuck what. Shouldn’t we be embracing that? Or are we so far buried into the misogynist world that we’re thinking hate is normal? Sookie is a woman that decided she was going to keep hold of her virginity until she met somebody she actually could stand. She could have lost it to the men who focused on nothing but her boobs because of peer pressure.

Embrace your inner Sookie, women.

She’s actually fucking amazing.

Anonymous whispered:What does ever thine ever mine ever ours mean?

It was a love letter from Beethoven to somebody. Historians aren’t sure who that person was but some feel that it was Antonie Brentano.

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!"


The questions asked in Sarah Manning’s interrogation scene weren’t scripted. Graeme gave vocal coach John Nelles a list of questions to ask Tatiana, and her answers were improvised. This method provided a very surprising and moving scene for everyone – including Tatiana

“But mostly, I feel, compared with Cumberbatch, like someone going through existence with the contrast dial turned down. To him, it seems, everything is neon bright. The barbs may sting more sharply, but his sun must shine that much brighter.” - Stuart McGurk, British GQ (x)

Never frown Allison. Someone could be falling in love with your smile.